Convention Blogging Resources


I'm looking to find out if:

a) Anyone has collected a full list of bloggers going to the convention next week

b) Anyone is planning on providing a resource page to link to the work of those bloggers.

I see the Dave Sifray and the Technorati crew are now linking up with CNN and planning a politics page, but they haven't released it yet so I'm not sure precisely what it will contain.

And yes, I'm considering what I might be able to do to provide such a portal, if nobody else is stepping up to the plate. Feedback is welcome as to whether this would be useful.

Thanks all

At the moment, I'm pretty convinced that better coders than I have quite adequately provided the kind of convention portal sites that I was considering hacking together. I might still toss something up if I see a gap (suggestions welcome), but for the moment, I'll be watching the following:

Dave Winer's which presents the latest posts from convention bloggers, and also has a combined XML feed for the more feed-inclined. (Only downside: I think any bloggers who don't have an XML feed won't show up here; though I don't know if there actually are any). Dave also has a page with just images, although as he warns, "There are already some nipples visible in the flow. If you're under 18, please avert your eyes. " -- i.e., may not always be safe for work depending on what bloggers choose to toss up.

Feedster's politics page, now showing "The Latest in Today's Politics from the Official DNC Bloggers."

Cyberjournalist has the most exhaustive list I've seen of both the credentialed bloggers, and other bloggers who were either disinvited or are attending in other capacities.

And the aforementioned Technorati Politics Page still yet to be unveiled!